Forum for Safety and Health Belfast

Forum Belfast October 2016

Belfast beckoned delegates to the final Forum for 2016, held at the Europa Hotel, on the 12th floor, giving sweeping views across the city scape on arrival. The day started with an interactive session, from Elspeth Grant, Consultant from Triple A Consult allowing delegates to experience the loss of certain key senses, such as sight, feel, hearing and mobility, to highlight concerns when drawing up any Evacuation Plan. This aspect continues to initiate debate, and so challenges all providers to ensure they can react should the need arise.

Sue Sheath, Director of Regulation at Barchester Healthcare, then took delegates on an Audit journey, sharing her own organisations systems and reactions, but also been clear that with any system, aspects can be missed, services dip but everyone must to willing to react and take action. It is important to listen, speak up, use external challenge and share the headlines with the team.

Dale for the HSENI, was unable to present, as he was poorly, but the information was sent across, express, and presented by the Vice Chair, identifying key aspects to be up to speed on, such as Legionella assessments, Scalding, Bed rails, and Infection control.

A very engaging and challenging presentation from Kathy Fodey, Director of Regulation at RQIA, highlighted how the organisation works in a legal frame work, which services they regulate and they have with pre-set targets, while needing to still identify poor practice. She included group work to link their 4 key inspection criteria, (Safe-Effective-Well lead-Compassionate) and asked delegates to identify which operational aspects fell into the health and safety category.
The RQIA website contains guidance on aspects such as CCTV and Fire Safety

Many recognise RCN, and Kim Sunley, told delegates about their on line resources, specifically one which refreshes knowledge and skills called, “First Steps for HCAs” As the following day was Lone Worker Safety, Kim also shared with delegates a new publication from RCN on this subject and again can be downloaded.

Having started the day with a Fire themed session, the day finished with Fire Safety, by Geoff Somerville from NIFRS, Educate- Inform- Enforce, were his key messages, along with identifying the components of a suitable Risk Assessment. As he stated we are always learning, what can happen, when dealing with human factors, and reactions can be unpredictable; and some of the cases studies he presented included such issues.

The feedback from delegates concluded it as an excellent day, with useful and useable information, thought provoking informative speakers including ample opportunity to network and discuss during the group work.

Finally, we recognise the role of our Key Sponsor for the day – Swallow EMP – who supported and brought to delegates the first presentation by Elspeth Grant.

Chris Jackson

National Chair