Capital Event Belfast 2013

Moving forward-sharing best practice

Capital Event

Wednesday 9th October 2013
Radisson Blu Hotel Belfast

Chris Jackson National Chair opened the event and welcomed everyone to the Radisson Blu hotel in Belfast. He said that he was pleased that NASHiCS had come to Belfast and that the visit completed the series of Capital Events around the UK.

He spent a few moments informing delegates more about NASHiCS; a focus group for Health & Safety issues in the Social Care sector; the objectives, what we do, the growing UK wide membership, and the work and links with key stakeholders – Care Associations, HSE, SCIE, CQC, CIS, CFOA, S4C, IOSH ; Sharing ideas and information to help members, including policy advice; involvement with the development of national initiatives e.g. Fire Safety Working Group.

He hoped that the links would now be extended to the stakeholders in Northern Ireland.

Bryan Monson Deputy Chief Executive of the HSENI  gave the first session of the day, linking into Chris Jackson’s opening comments he said the HSENI had seen significant improvements from partnership working.

Bryan talked about recent HSE prosecutions which included:-
Falling from windows, inadequate window restrictors, medical issue from failing to administer insulin to known diabetics.

He emphasised that Health and Safety needs to be sensible and balanced.

Good Health and Safety management makes good business sense he said. Health and Safety management is a line management responsibility.

Leadership should be from the TOP of the organisation.

He then spent some time on the subject of  Legionella, very much on the HSE radar as well as Asbestos highlighting the need for adequate surveys and identifying who is responsible.

Slips and trips equated to 54% of major reportable injuries.

Again he stated that effective leadership is extremely important, setting examples, awarding good practice, and he was pleased to hear about the NASHiCS Awards. He concluded by quoting John C Maxwell.

‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way’.


Following a break for coffee and biscuits which gave plenty of time for  Networking with colleagues and speakers;-


Geradine Cunningham, Head of Qualifications and Standards at the Northern Ireland Social Care Council was the next speaker.

She gave delegates some information about the NISCC and the work they are involved in.

She talked about Health and Safety from a Service User’s perspective and how equipment provided for a Service user can impinge on what makes a person a person e.g. providing a hospital bed in someone’s own home. A person’s home can become about Health and Safety, forgetting it is a person’s home and a motive for ‘becoming worse’.

Geradine talked about the importance of removing stigma.

Then spoke about knowledge and skillsets and a person centred approach.

The challenge for Social Care training equipment abandoned – not being used, things people choose not to use. Consider the benefits which equipment can bring.

Human rights – workers should support the rights of individuals to have the opportunity to have a life which is meaningful to them.

Openness and honesty, support individuals to make their voices heard.

She then spoke about ethical considerations – tagging as an example.

Pros and cons of privacy versus safety.

Recommended delegates to look at the WHO YouTube hand washing clip.