Conference Social Care 2017 Report

The Fair Way to a Safer Way.

The Conference was held at Hellidon Lakes and the numbers surpassed our initial  estimates. The hotel rooms for the Full conference package were fully booked so some late comers had to book rooms at nearby hotels.
The Mock Coroner Inquest attracted over 90 delegates.
We thank also the Key sponsors and the exhibitors for their support for without them it would be a problem for the Association to hold such important events for Social care.

Naturally those who attended have received copies of the presentations by the speakers. Below is a summary of the speakers presentation with some photos taken at the time.

Day 1.
Mock Coroner Inquest.

Weightmans Solicitors delivered a superb mock court trial using NASHiCS members and guests as the jury.
The case was a real tragic accident within a care home where the resident died from the injury. The Coroner (Weightmans Barrister) spent the afternoon making this packed out event as real as possible.
Stopping from time to time to explain to everyone what were the options the Jury had.

We learnt that witnesses do not always have to answer questions that may affirm their guilt.
The Jury were sent out to deliberate and present their findings, a fantastic event.

Day 2

Chris Jackson, National Chair
opened the second day of the conference



Musicians in care homes, exploring a new group.
Jessica Crich is a music graduate from Sheffield University doing research for a PhD that focuses upon provision of live music services as part of residential care

She gave a presentation full of examples of the benefits to be gained from music therapy provided by professional musicians in a structured way based upon research and ongoing experiences.
There are around 800 Qualified Music Therapists who are accredited but there is also an emerging group of non-accredited musicians who are working in Healthcare settings.
The emotional wellbeing of people in care can be greatly enhanced by music therapy and dementia sufferers in particular can respond well. Jessica closed her talk by asking anyone who has a personal experience of using music in care homes to assist her ongoing research by making contact with her. DV

Managing Maintenance works & statutory compliance in the built environment within the care home.
We learnt from Robin Harris how this company EcoFM is providing fresh solutions to property management at a variety of stages.
This is from full FM support to supporting care homes with out of hours problems.
This includes support with reactive, planned or project management. EcoFM were a key Sponsor. AH

Developing Fire Evacuation Strategies within Care Homes.
Adrian Gouldin & Grant Barker gave a detailed presentation on
~~  Legislation and guidance to consider when developing a Fire Evacuation Strategy;
~~  The Fire Safety Considerations associated with the Building;
~~  The Fire Safety Considerations associated with the Residents;
~~  Developing a Fire Evacuation Strategy.
They used floor plan drawings of an average sized care home, populated the drawings covering all the significant issues, how to develop the Fire Evacuation Strategy and what to do with it when complete, e g. communicate, train staff, drills, updates.
They finished by mentioning evacuation aids.
Marpal were a key sponsor, allowing detailed discussions with delegates. PG

Legionella and you – a practical approach Richard Deakin provided a topical up-date and summary of the two main issues with water safety risks.
This being bacterial contamination and scalding, which can be a significant issue within the care sector.
Richard explained the 5 steps to control legionella and the risk assessment process.Nant Ltd were a Key Sponsor. AH


Falls from window prevention. Emma Wells  gave an interesting presentation on a range of window restrictors that reduce the risk of falls from windows, as follows:

~~  What does it take to safeguard the people within buildings/establishments from
falls and/or escapes out of a window?
~~  Introduction of cultures – family, friends, state & all;
~~  Standards and best practice;
~~  What it takes to produce a good window restrictor;
~~  Intellectual property; the importance of avoiding inferior imitations;
~~  Buildings of earlier social requirements;
~~  Amalgamation of the private, public, charitable sectors, regulatory & statutory
bodies/agencies and interested parties.
Jackloc are leaders in window safety and used worldwide and won The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2017.  They displayed their products at the Exhibition, allowing delegates to get hands-on. PG

Can robots ever replace carers?  Professor Jon Timmis University of York.
His lively presentation, featuring Nao his little robot, asked the tantalising question of whether robots could ever replace carers.
He began by explaining what constitutes a robot to get people thinking beyond the usual expectation of a machine in human form and more into machines that can be programmed to do certain tasks for humans.
A simple example given was the washing machine whilst a more recent example was the A380 Airbus that could basically fly itself.
He gave other examples of tasks that could potentially be done by machine and in particular in care homes where staff time could then be freed-up to do other things such as the direct provision of care.
The real obstacle to overcome in future developments may well be the ethical one as well as the safety issues. DV

Fire safety and specialised housing. Colin Todd.
I was pleased to work with Colin in drafting the long awaited guidance on fire safety in specialized housing and was also extremely pleased when he accepted our invitation to outline the guidance document to our members who attended the conference.
He gave a clear and concise account of the guidance and where it should be utilised. The guidance has been adopted by the majority of fire and rescue services across England and Wales and will greatly assist our sector reaching acceptable fire  safety standards.
Colin is a lead in all  fire related matters and is held in the greatest esteem. SM

Night-shift working.
Caroline Heron provided a fascinating presentation on the effects that night working can have on people.
Night working is on the increase in the UK especially London.
We learnt that ‘blue’ lights/special goggles can have a positive effect on your body as well as taking a 15 minute nap can be a benefit to you.AH

What about the workers.
Robert Baughan, told delegates that they had 375,000 members in the care sector, of which 800 were employed by CQC. He apologised for what may seem a negative talk, but felt it was important to highlight concerns, brought to Unison’s attention and in particular he focused
his three case studies on Poor Hygiene practices, Manual Handling, and Violence & Assault. Finally Robert made delegates aware of Unison’s Ethical Care Charter which highlights how important staff conditions are for delivering high quality care.
He invited everyone to view the Charter, on their website, consider signing up, and by doing so give a clear commitment to support and reward those who work with vulnerable residents across the sector. CJ

Health and Safety HSE.
Alan Craddock (HSE) gave a detailed update on happenings in the HSE covering
~~~ HSE strategy and sector plans – Public Services sector priorities;
~~~ A year in social care (2016) – 10 Prosecutions, 23 Enforcement Notices;
~~~ What the future holds – reactive inspections only, liaison with social care sector;
~~~ MoU with CQC – review and issues identified;
~~~ Other items of interest –  of Course Brexit.  PG

Care Quality Commission CQC.
Bena Brown & Rob Assall-Marsden (CQC) covered the
~~~CQC -its purpose;
~~~The Current model of regulation;
~~~CQC enforcement powers and options;
~~~CQC response to RIDDORs;
~~~CQC recent prosecutions. PG

The closing summary for the conference was given by Andy Hollingshead vice-Chair of NASHiCS.

He summed up the two days by commenting on all the speakers and their topics, thanking the Key sponsors and Exhibitors for their support and the Events team for all their work together with members of the hotel staff and wished everyone a safe journey home. RSW