‘Association’ Membership Grades and Fees

  • Corporate Membership, which shall be open to any agency engaged in any aspect of health and safety. Corporate Members may be represented at meetings by any person they may wish to.
    Details of a further 3 ‘Corporate Additional’ named colleagues may be placed on the membership database and receive updates and information as the main representative.
  • Individual Full Membership, which shall be open to any individual engaged in any aspect of health and safety within or for an agency. Where two or more persons hold the same post in an official job share arrangement, they may jointly hold one
    (Full access to membership benefits)
  • Individual Retired Membership, which shall be open to any current Full Member who has retired from normal employment.(reduced access to membership benefits)
  • Individual Associate Membership, which shall be open to any person who is a carer, (i.e.: friend or family member, or volunteer or unpaid) or who works as a care giver, is a student, or represents those employed in the sector.
    (Limited access to membership benefits)

Full details may be found in the Constitution

General Membership Conditions & Benefits for each grade 2021
General Membership Conditions 2021

Membership Fees for 2021
  • Corporate Member –                  £210.00
  • Individual Full Member –               £70.00
  • Retired Member –                        £35.00
  • Individual Associate Member-       £15.00

Fees run from 1st day of month of application received.

General Membership Conditions.

  • Applications should be submitted via the online form to the Administrator http://www.administrator@nashics.org
    Payment made be made by  BACS or online with Credit/debit card.
  • The National Executive in its absolute discretion may terminate or refuse to accept applications for membership.
  • Membership of the Association is conditional upon payment of the annual membership fee.
  • Certificate of membership issued shall remain the property of the Association and shall be returned on cessation of membership.
  • Each member must undertake to be bound by, and comply with the terms of the constitution, as amended from time to time.
  • Members shall be entitled to bring guests to any meeting, but shall be responsible for their conduct, particularly as regards the confidentiality requirement as set out in the constitution.

A full version of the NASHiCS constitution is also available.