Should bedrails always be provided in care homes?

No. Many factors need to be considered, including the rights and freedoms of individuals. Fatalities have occurred where people using care services have become trapped in bedrails or fallen from beds.

Even where people are vulnerable to injury, because of falling from their bed, bedrails may not always be a suitable option.

You will need to assess the risk of falling, and, whether bedrails are suitable. Where provided, bedrails must be properly fitted and maintained


Health and Safety in Care Homes HSG220 (Second edition).

This guidance is intended to help those providing and managing care homes – to give them a better understanding of the real risks and how to manage them effectively.
It has been extensively rewritten, with a number of new topics, and brings together key messages on risks to both workers and residents.

It will also be of interest to others working in social care.
This new edition is being published in a period of change.

At the time of publication (June 2014), HSE and local authorities investigate serious worker and resident incidents.
Under the Enforcing Authority Regulations, HSE regulates homes with nursing and local authority owned or run care homes.
Other homes are regulated by local authorities.

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New HSIS4 LOLER apply to Social Care

HSE Information Sheet HSIS4

How the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations apply to health and Social Care

This information sheet gives advice to employers, the self-employed, employees and equipment providers in the health and social care sector. It will help them understand the requirements of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).