Nashics Vision

As a membership organisation, our vision is to:

Develop the membership of NASHiCS, so that improvements in safety in care practice can be achieved by raising the awareness and profile of health and safety.  We will encourage it to be discussed by the care sector at all meetings.

We will maintain and develop our relationship with other standard setting bodies, governmental departments and agencies whilst at the same time developing partnerships with care associations.

We will work with enforcers to help them understand the complexities of delivering a safe and caring service and share best practice across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our hope is that this will drive organisations towards embedding health and safety in every aspect and facet of their care sector.

Mission Statement.

To promote and improve safety and health in care practice by providing a sharing and networking forum to encourage the development and adoption of the highest professional standards.

Striving to promote excellence of safety and health in care services.