About Us – NASHiCS

Striving to promote excellence of safety and health in care services.

The National Executive Committee comprises
2 National Officers and a minimum of
6 Committee Members.

The Executive Committee is elected by the Membership for a period of two years. However the National Officers National Chair and National Vice Chair serve terms alternatively to the Executive Committee Members to ensure continuity.

The Treasurer

Note This post has been amended with the tasks allocated to the Accounts section with a member of the National Executive with responsibility for the overview of finances.

The Administrator is appointed by the National Chair.
The Executive Committee may also co-opt additional persons for sub/project groups for their duration.
The Executive Committee may also co-opt persons to fill any vacancy that may arise on the Executive due to resignation, Ill health etc.or to increase the numbers on the committee to serve until the end of the period who may then stand for election.
All Executive Members including the National Officers may serve more than one term.

The National Officers, Members of the National Executive and Administrator are volunteers and are unpaid except for any necessary expenses incurred undertaking Association duties.

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